The things you want to know!

Here’s our answers to the questions we get asked the most. So chances are you might have these same questions! So read through and let us know if you think anything else should be added!

What is your shooting style? 
     Our goal is to make you look like, well, you! Pretty much every couple we talk to tells us the same thing, “we’re the most awkward people in front of the camera”. And every couple gets their wedding pictures and is blown away by how stunning they look! That’s because we like to give prompts and let you guys act like you normally would - whether that’s goofy, playful, romantic or all of the above! We also love capturing the unexpected and moments you can’t plan for but we're also committed to making sure we get all the shots that you are super excited about! Our couples also love doing engagement shoots so that they can experience our shooting style and we can learn what will draw you out as a couple even better!

What can we expect during the whole process?
     This is our favorite part. We’re not the type of people to just show up on your wedding day, deliver your photos and bounce. Whether it’s answering emails crazy fast, sending emails every other month to help you get the best photos and video on your wedding day, talking through how to have a great timeline or our online payment, contract and digital file delivery system, we want to be there for you every step of the way (along with a few surprises along the way). The reality is we build a relationship with everyone of our couples and it shows!!

Do we get to meet you?
     Of course! We know that schedules can be crazy so most people choose to FaceTime or talk to us on the phone so we can get to know one another before booking. Once you book we will be consistently in communication so you’ll feel like you’re getting to know us through that as well! Then around 3 months before your wedding, we like to try to meet up in person to go over your timeline and other fun details and just to hang out and get to know each other!

Do you do both photo and video for a wedding day?
     Yeah we do! When you hire us for both photo and video, each of us will take lead on one of them and then we bring along two associates to help us on the wedding day!

How much is the retainer?
     Our non-refundable retainer is 30% of your total balance to secure your date for a photo and/or video wedding! The rest of the balance will be divided up into two additional payments before your wedding (the last being due 30 days before your wedding). 

Do you offer any add-ons like albums and prints? What comes with the raw footage for video?
     Yes! For our wedding photo package we have lots of fun things you can add on. We offer albums that we design in collaboration with you starting at $600. And you can order prints directly through your online gallery you receive when we deliver your photos (we seriously love our printer)!
     For our wedding video package we offer a raw footage add on which is an un-edited version of the ceremony, speeches & first dances.
     For our engagement shoots we have a “Save the Date” video montage add on that is super fun! It’s a new way to announce to tell your family and friends your wedding date!

Do you offer any discounts?
     We generally don’t offer discounts but there are always circumstances we can work with and we know that there are some people who genuinely love what we do but don’t have the budget to hire us. That’s why we say you should still have a conversation with us even if we’re out of your budget! The reality is this is our full time job. It’s how we put food on the table, get health insurance and save for retirement. So we’re not looking to work with people who are just fishing for a discount. But if you’re getting married within the next three months, getting married in the off-season (Jan-April) or on a weekday we may be able to work within a smaller budget!

How long does it take to get my photos or video?
     For photos we deliver a sneak peek of 5-10 photos within 3 days of your wedding and your full gallery within 8 weeks of your wedding. For video we deliver your video montage along with raw footage (if you include that in your package) within 12 weeks after your wedding.

How do we get our photos or video?
     All photos are delivered in your own beautiful gallery where you can download the full, high-resolution files with no watermarking, share with family and friends, create favorites lists and have prints sent directly to your home from our amazing preferred printer! Videos are delivered through Vimeo where you can download the video directly.

How many photos do you deliver? And how long is the video montage?
     We deliver 600-1000 photos for a 6-10 hour wedding day! For video, we deliver a 4-6 minute video montage telling the story of your day, set to music and we try to incorporate bits and pieces of speeches. 

What happens if for some reason (act of god, family emergency, death) you can’t make it to our wedding?
     You wouldn’t believe how often we get this question! Thankfully we have a great community of professional photographers that we know personally and trust here in Chicago who are ready to support and help in anyway that they can. If for some reason we can’t make it to your wedding, we have systems in place to make sure that you have a professional photographer there who will capture your day beautifully. 

Is Jed really that cute?
     Yes. Yes he is. And he gets cuter every day!