HI! I’m Kristin, Mike’s wife, mama and the boss lady around here. I’m the one who will be making sure that from the second you inquire to the moment you get your photos that you have everything you need to have an amazing time during your wedding and incredible photos at the end of the day (you know I’ll be sending you amazing tips and tricks)! I love hanging out with Jed (our little guy), taking our cargo bike around the city and cooking incredible meals for anyone who is willing to show up at our place. I’m your hype girl (I’m going to cheer during your first kiss and get the crowd pumping during dancing) so we’ll have a blast hanging out on your wedding day!



Hey there! I’m Mike, Kristin’s husband and Jed’s dad. Love those two. I’m the more nerdy (my RC hobby is in full force) introverted one of the two of us. I love people as much as Kristin, she is just more out there than me. I have what Kristin likes to call, a coffee obsession, it’s not just about drinking coffee, but the science and culture behind the perfect cup. I also love seeking out and finding rare beers (hit me up on Untapped)! I have my Masters in Arts Technology which plays a large roll in the way I capture wedding days and what we deliver. On your wedding day I‘m the one who will bring a calming presence and help keep everyone on track (and be flexible when the timeline runs it’s own course).


Jedidiah & Sage

Hiii! We’re Jed and Sage - the why behind everything that mom and dad do. I’m Jed, the super energetic 3 year old who is obsessed with being outside. And I’m Sage, the cute little 6 month old who lights up every time mommy and daddy walk into the room. We love each other and are always up for an adventure!