Why You Should Care About Family Portraits on your Wedding Day

Amy, her parents & her sister looking oh so happy on Amy's wedding day! Click HERE to see more!

"Alright, we have 20 minutes for family portraits in the church and then we will head out with the bridal party for portraits". 

I know, family portraits can be stressful, disorganized and chaotic. I think that's why so many people want to get them over with so quickly on their wedding day but here is a little different perspective for you to consider.

As you get older you'll start to notice that the times that your whole extended family is together is for weddings and funerals. That's why we take what we do so seriously. I hate to be morbid but sometimes the pictures we take at weddings are the last professional pictures that are taken of older relatives before they pass.

But more than that, you and your partner are starting your new family. Your new life together is a combination of the legacies that have been passed down from all of those who have loved and cared for you from the beginning. And it is a beautiful thing to capture the generations together!

So don't write off family portraits. Pick a beautiful spot and work with your photographer to create a smooth, well-planned photo list so that family portraits are done efficiently. You'll love looking back and seeing your whole family together!